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E-learning – Building and managing online courses using Moodle


  • Introductory meeting, group icebreaking activities, explanation of practical arrangements, presentation of timetable, information about course venue
  • Introduction to the Course
  • E-learning : Main aspects, advantages and disadvantages
  • Introduction to Moodle, basic functions, navigation, user roles, accounts and profiles
  • Hands-on activity creating users and changing profiles


  • Moodle block types
  • Administrating blocks: editing, settings, roles, groups, profiles, scheduling, backups
  • Hands-on activities on course settings, management roles, uploading files and working with calendar settings and events


  • Creating lessons in a course
  • Adding activities
  • Adding pages
  • Assessment of students in a lesson
  • Hands-on activities on adding lesson, changing settings, assessment of students, uploading files, adding resources (audio files, youtube videos etc)


  • Practice with hands-on activities and designing a new complete course, containing lessons, use of calendar
  • Course design specific to each participant’s special interests and specialty, so that is already useful in everyday classroom practice


  • Managing communication in Moodle (messages, chat, forum)
  • Adding questionnaires, wikis, gradebooks, games etc.
  • Hands-on activities adding chat, sending messages, adding forum, and managing settings
  • Overall view of topics discussed


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This course provides a thorough introduction to the widely-used e-learning platform Moodle as well as an introduction to basic theoretical aspects of e-learning.

The course is appropriate for classroom teachers of every school level without any special prior knowledge. It introduces all basic operations to build and manage an online course in Moodle. Topics like installation, lesson creation and management, user access and administration, backup and restore and many other are covered. Everything required to build a complete and powerful online course.

During the course, educators will go through hands-on activities so as to end up in creating their own complete course, containing various lessons and educational resources, in a pre-installed Moodle platform. They will be achieving a sufficient level of expertise in Moodle that will help them start using Moodle and creating their own material and courses.


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  • Understanding the fundamental aspects of e-learning
  • Being able to refer to main advantages and disadvantages of e-learning
  • Understanding main operations and usage of Moodle e-learning platform
  • Getting familiar with different tools that can be integrated into Moodle platform
  • System management
  • Setting up e-learning courses in web server and its main parameters
  • Managing communication in Moodle (messages, chat, forum)
  • Moodle block types and management
  • Activities and resource operations (adding, configuring settings, deleting etc)


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  • Lectures
  • Exercises
  • Hands-on activities
  • Teamwork


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Target groups

  • Teachers working in kindergartens
  • Teachers working in primary schools
  • Teachers working in secondary schools
  • Teachers working in vocational schools


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Cultural activities

In the middle of the course, mainly on Wednesday, a local cultural activity is organised (e.g guided tour to the city) giving the participants the chance to explore the main attractions and enhance their cultural awareness.

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The courses are always organised at a time period which is agreed in advance with the participants and taking into consideration the availability of the trainer.

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At the end of the course, each participant is awarded with a certificate of attendance, as well as a Europass Mobility certificate (if requested).

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Course fees: 350 € per person.

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