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Lightweight e-learning – Building and managing online courses using WordPress and H5P


  • Introduction to the course, group icebreaking activities, time and place arrangements, forming teams of two
  • Introduction to WordPress, the WordPress around the globe
  • Introduction to H5P
  • Introduction to e-Learning, definition, Advantages – Disadvantages
  • Teamwork: Find the topic of each team’s online course, prepare a small video about the course (mobile phone is ok), go through the initial setup of wordpress


  • WordPress deep dive day 1: Posts (creating, deleting, editing, uploading content, Pages (similar as Posts), Menus, Themes and wordpress configuration
  • Common structure of each e-learning course (title, purpose, structure, references, lessons split in small text pieces or short videos, lesson assignments) and using wordpress to materialize this structure
  • Teamwork: Each team configures wordpress to meet the basic structure and uploads the initial video to the front page of their course as introductory video


  • H5P deep dive day 1: Presentation of H5P content types, Creating content types
  • WordPress deep dive day 2: Plugins, WordPress security, Installation of H5P plugin, Forum plugin, Captcha plugin and other plugins
  • Teamwork: Creating the first lesson of their course, adding assignments using H5P


  • H5P deep dive day 2: Using interactive videos
  • Teamwork: create a video for another lesson in their course, upload it to youtube and make it interactive using H5P. Embed it in wordpress


  • WordPress and H5P deep dive day 3
    • Managing users, monitoring progress of H5P assignments, creating a forum, exploring more possibilities for communication among wordpress users
  • Teamwork: Each team creates a forum within its wordpress and signs up for another’s team course. Interaction among the team’s using the installed forum
  • Course overview and technical stuff, Limitations of WordPress and H5P


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This course covers Wordpress, a widely used blogging platform as well as H5P which enables the easy creation of rich and interactive web content. Combined together these tools can assist the creation of simple yet appealing online courses.

The course starts with a basic introduction to e-learning followed by a thorough presentation of Wordpress and H5P and how to bind them together to easily build a small e-learning platform.

This course is appropriate for classroom teachers of every school level. No prior knowledge required.

Topics such as installation and setup of Wordpress, creating posts and pages, managing users, setting and configuring the how it looks, managing plugins (H5P plugin, forum plugin), installing H5P and content creation using H5P (interactive videos, assignments) will be covered.

Through hands-on activities participants will end up in creating their own complete wordpress website containing the learning path of a course and educational resources using H5P, achieving a sufficient level of expertise in Wordpress and H5P that will help them start using those tools to easily create their own online courses.

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  • Understanding of fundamental aspects of e-learning
  • Understanding basic usage of Wordpress platform
  • Understanding basic usage of H5P


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  • Lectures
  • Exercises
  • Hands-on activities
  • Teamwork


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Target groups

  • Teachers working in kindergartens
  • Teachers working in primary schools
  • Teachers working in secondary schools
  • Teachers working in vocational schools


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Cultural activities

In the middle of the course, mainly on Wednesday, a local cultural activity is organised (e.g guided tour to the city) giving the participants the chance to explore the main attractions and enhance their cultural awareness.

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The courses are always organised at a time period which is agreed in advance with the participants and taking into consideration the availability of the trainer.

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At the end of the course, each participant is awarded with a certificate of attendance, as well as a Europass Mobility certificate (if requested).

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Course fees: 350 € per person.

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