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The Art of Rhythm for an holistic approach in Education


  • Introductory meeting, explanation of practical arrangements, presentation of timetable, information about course venue
  • Icebreaking activities
  • Introduction to the art of Konnakol


  • Inner rhythm
    What is inner rhythm? How can we use it?
  • Audio therapy and pedagogy
    Why can they be useful?


  • Body percussion
    The approach our own body as a musical instrument and its benefits


  • Teaching techniques in a variety of percussion instruments, with emphasis on Frame drums, Udu, Toumbi (small drum from Crete) and the Cajon


  • Performance of a musical text with pre-recorded material to play along


  • Presentation and analysis of different musical styles
    • The participants will have the opportunity to come into contact with a variety of cultural stimuli, expanding their spiritual horizons and gaining intercultural education.
  • Evaluation of the seminar
  • Building Network of participants


This course could be adapted to a 5 days seminar although it has been created for 6 days.

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The purpose of this course is to introduce and help participants to use the acquired knowledge about how rhythm works as an alternative cross curricular teaching method for all students.

It also aims to raise awareness why music reinforces students’ inclusion, self-esteem, wellness so that to achieve better educational results.

Important documentation and educator provided material

Click to view important documentation about The rhythm in a more general context in relation to education and other material from previous seminars provided by the educator.


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  • To understand why rhythm is a useful tool
  • To enrich the teaching of all subjects through the holistic, experiential expression of rhythm
  • To create incentives for learning and self and professional development
  • To help students improve their concentration, active listening and mnemonic skills
  • To help students learn how to control their psychomotor, to be responsible, to have the feeling of wellness, to find new paths to contact other people, to express their feelings, to be more happy
  • To improve communication, creativity in pedagogical practice and the quality of the relationships among all the members of the school community
  • To increase self-sufficiency


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  • Workshops (*)
  • Team work
  • Lectures

(*) musical instruments needed for the workshops are provided by the instructor


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Target groups

  • Teachers working in all levels of education (kindergartens, primary, secondary, vocational education and universities)


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Cultural activities

In the middle of the course, mainly on Wednesday, a local cultural activity is organised (e.g guided tour to the city) giving the participants the chance to explore the main attractions and enhance their cultural awareness.

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The courses are always organised at a time period which is agreed in advance with the participants and taking into consideration the availability of the trainer.

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At the end of the course, each participant is awarded with a certificate of attendance, as well as a Europass Mobility certificate (if requested).

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Course fees: 420 € per person.

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