An island of history, tradition, tastes and hospitality

Crete is the biggest island of Greece, the fifth largest of Europe, located at the southest part of Europe.

Its population sums up to about 623,000 people and it is also the most crowded island of Greece. It is mostly developed at the northern part, which leaves a big part of the island untouched and available for discovery.

On Crete there is historical evidence from 3000 BC, offering a unique experience to the visitor, giving a great opportunity of visiting archaeological sites and museums hosting unique antiquities, such as Minoan artifacts, the disk of Festos, etc.

In addition, hundreds of beaches, nature of unique beauty and variance from east to west, and a very interesting mainland, with large mountains for an island, make Crete a really wonderful island.

All the above, combined with a really tasty cuisine and warm, hospital people, has led thousands of people visiting Crete and making Crete a world famous destination.


Crete has a long history throughout centuries. It has been the centre of Minoan civilization, one of the earliest civilizations in Europe (3000-1400 BC). Its main centres were towns like Knossos, Festos, Malia etc. where Minoan Palaces have been excavated.

Throughout the centuries, many more civilizations have left their footprints on Crete, such as Arabs, Venetians and Otomans.


Cretan people are very proud of their traditions. Crete has its own traditional music, which is still alive as many young people like to celebrate with traditional instruments and music; traditional music still accompanies most Cretan events such as weddings.

Crete also has its own idioma, based on Greek language, but with many words that come directly from ancient Greek.

Finally, if you take your time wandering through the numerous small villages, you could find many hidden traditional places and, if you are lucky enough, experience Cretan people celebrating in their unique way!


Crete is also famous for its climate, as sunshine seems always present even in winter. There are numerous beaches for all tastes, offering all kinds of watersports and comforts, from crowded to really untouched beaches, with sand, pebbles, rocks etc.

Moreover, Crete provides accommodation for everyone, varying from cheaper apartments to luxury hotels.


The Cretan cuisine is famous worldwide for its special taste and healthiness – a real precious combination and one of the main reasons of Cretan people’s long living.

Cretan diet is linked to Mediterranean diet, but in addition, Crete has a large production of fruits, vegetables and wines, which form a very attracting combination of tastes and another reason for visiting the island!

Images by the Greek National Tourism Organisation and Municipality of Heraklion